Teacher’s guide

The best way to teach adverbs is to make it interesting and fun. When your students are enjoying an activity and learning about adverbs it is easier to understand the topic.

In order to get an idea of how much your students, as a whole, already know about adverbs, give them a pretest to assess their knowledge. This test can be multiple choice, true/false, or even a typed paragraph where the students have to underline and label the adverbs that they see. This will give you direction on what kind of lessons would benefit the majority of your students


As a suggestion to how to teach the Adverb to the students you can pick a willing volunteer (or volunteers) to come to the front of the class. Show them adverb and ask them to act it out for the class. Allow the class to guess the action being performed; once a classmate has guessed the verb, write the verb on the board. Next, show the acting student(s) an adverb qualifying question (flashcards provided with how, when, where, etc…). Have the student(s) then act out the verb in a new way that the adverb card dictates.For instance, the actor may have demonstrated the verb, swim. The adverb qualifying question might be (HOW), so the actor swims frantically. The seated students then must guess the adverb based on the actor’s performance. As the adverbs are guessed correctly, write those on the board next to the verb. The student who guesses the adverb may be the next to perform or may select someone else to perform.

Once you have gone through this introductory exercise, ask the students what they think an adverb’s function is in a sentence? Which questions do adverbs answer

Why is it important to include them in one’s writing?

Once you’ve discussed their function, it’s a good time to put the student guide on the over head to walk through the questions they answer and their classifications.

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